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Hygiene & Sanitising products

Providing a hygienic environment is important to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your staff, and is a key responsibility of employers.

Ensuring your home or offices are are free of germs, viruses and bacteria is difficult, but our range of hygiene and sanitisation equipment can help you disinfect and sanitise your workplace or home much quicker and easier.

Products to help clean the office or home

Featured Products

Featured product

This steriliser box is a fast and effective way to disinfect everyday objects.  Items such as smart phones and keys can harbour numerous germs and bacteria, deeming hand washing pointless if these objects are touched soon after.

With the convenient UVC sterilisation box you can kill germs and viruses on frequently used objects in just 5-10 minutes, whilst charging your smart phone and relaxing with the calming aroma therapy diffusion. Multiple small items can be sterilised at any one time and the UV light can even reach the small nooks and crannies.

£29.99 (exc. VAT)
UV steriliser box
Featured door handle product

The D3 Micro is an EPA-registered Door handle Disinfecting Device that kills more than 99.9% of illness and disease causing bacteria and viruses found on door handles. Unlike other products that focus on getting your hands clean, the D3 Micro is the only product that focuses on keeping them clean.

£59.99 (exc. VAT)
featured product

The no contact, automatic sanitisation minimises the spread of germs from person to person, whilst the 21.5″ digital display screen can be used to prompt everyone in the workplace to regularly sanitise their hands.

Display important information, for example around social distancing or other guidelines, as well as being used for advertising or any other important business updates.

Wall mounted.

£795 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

Touchless automatic hand sanitiser with practical and stylish design, suitable for wallmounting.

Features integrated drip-tray to catch any residual liquid keeping floors clean and preventing any trip hazard.

£59.99 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

800W (240v) cold disinfectant mister with 5l tank.

Atomisation volume: 470ml/min, effective range: 5-8M.

£199.99 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

Professional UVC Lighting disinfects air and surfaces (up to 22 m²), prevents secondary infections and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungal/mold spores in the air. Includes motion
sensor for safe operation.

£499.00 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

Sanitiser refill for Hyso 99.9 automatic door handle disinfector (6-pack).

£69.99 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

Branded for your organisation, our free-standing SaniStation is quick and easy to assemble, robust and provides students, visitors and staff with a convenient hand sanitisation point at building entrances and exits. Includes a touchless automatic hand gel sanitiser dispenser.

Optional water filled base (12L) available for £4.99 (ex VAT).

£249 (exc. VAT)

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