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Personal Protective Equipment

It is important that you keep yourself, your colleagues and your family protected. It is therefore essential that you wear appropriate protective equipment.

As the UK unites in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, we are using our capabilities to supply quality, cost-effective personal protective equipment to businesses. Our aim is to help employers take practical and cost effective steps to reduce risk of infection in the workplace, reduce anxiety and ultimately get their staff back to work!

Featured products

Mask Dispenser
Featured product

The SaniStation® mask dispenser is effective across a wide range of industrial, commercial and retail environments, dispensing essential PPE at building access points, reception waiting areas and other areas of high footfall. By limiting opportunities for cross-contamination of PPE, the unit helps maintain your hygiene levels and keep your visitors safe.

The simple dispensing mechanism, minimises waste and helps to reduce petty theft. And when the unit needs to be refilled, replenishing stocks is quick and easy, using the 250+ capacity pre-loader mechanism.

£119.99 (exc. VAT)
Featured product

Our face shields offer comfortable, safe and secure protection from splashes and sprays.  Never struggle to see when carrying out crucial tasks.

Clear face shields aid discussion by allowing the listener to see the speaker’s mouth. This is helpful in loud environments like a factory floor, and is particularly essential for communicating with the hearing impaired.

Featured product

KN95 face mask, superfine blown melt fibre.  Fold flat design for hygiene and easy storage.


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