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Mini Disinfectant Mister (Cordless)

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Mini cordless disinfectant mister.

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Mini, but mighty, our miniature disinfectant misters are compact and cordless for ease of movement, featuring a comfortable grab handle design. Easily rechargeable 5Ah battery and a 4-5 metre effective spray performance.

Sterilisation and disinfection for food processing industry, planting
industry, sanitary, animal care, transportation industry, public places,
hospitals, hotel, factories and more.
1. Rechargeable lithium batter (5Ah), no power limit and convenient
2. Handheld and easy to handle
3. Different size nozzles available (35-69um)
4. Comfortable rubber handle
5. Large spraying area

Power: 200W cold
Battery: 24V rechargeable lithium battery(10Ah)
Tank capacity: 1.6L tank.
Spray: 25-300ml/min
Effective range: 4-5M.
Working time approx.: 1 Hour.


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